Depersonalisation and Hallucinations

Dan Seagrave "Funebrarum". (Dormant Hallucination)

Depersonalisation and hallucinations are difficult and scary. I have spent the past week-ish in very odd states. Depersonalisation may not be the correct term but it is the one I am using today - I may or may not be corrected when I visit the doctor this Thursday. (Update 27/6/19 - depersonalisation was confirmed by … Continue reading Depersonalisation and Hallucinations

Coping with depression

Coping with depression / depressive episodes can be painfully difficult. I have not written a post in what may well be an entire month, as I have been swinging between depression and self-destructive behaviours. I am not the only one in my household with a diagnosis of depression - my partner does too. So, I … Continue reading Coping with depression