Coping with depression

Coping with depression / depressive episodes can be painfully difficult. I have not written a post in what may well be an entire month, as I have been swinging between depression and self-destructive behaviours. I am not the only one in my household with a diagnosis of depression - my partner does too. So, I … Continue reading Coping with depression

Last night I walked out

Last night I walked out of the house. Not like when I was younger, when I'd be gone for days. This time I just walked until my feet took me back. When I was younger, sometimes the neighbours took me back. Sometimes because they recognised me, other times because I wasn't wearing shoes. However, when … Continue reading Last night I walked out

BPD – Know your symptoms

Today I read that although there are 9 number of BPD symptoms, they can manifest in over 250 possible combinations. These 9 symptoms are commonly quoted as the symptoms of BPD: … but they are outdated (and pretty vague tbh). They were replaced by the DSM-5 criteria in 2011 (sorry, guys...). Originally I was going … Continue reading BPD – Know your symptoms