Is there a cure for BPD?

When I say I have BPD, people tend to assume I mean bipolar disorder. There isn't a lot of information circulated about BPD, possibly because it occurs in less than 1% of the population. So today I thought I'd answer a few questions - from my perspective with a sprinkle of evidence-based research. Can BPD … Continue reading Is there a cure for BPD?

How estrangement feels

When you're estranged, special events can be a complete cobweb of emotions. An even bigger cobweb than just having BPD on a day-to-day basis (if you can believe)! I have been estranged from several members of my family including a parent for a while now.  Here's a brief insight into my childhood for a snippet … Continue reading How estrangement feels

Top Triggering Images ⚠️

Even though I have lived with self harm for over 16 years, the stigma never fails to surprise me. The other day I posted a few examples of BPD Myths on Instagram, including this: And the reactions? Largely positive. Mostly others sharing experiences; it was nice to hear from them and to have open conversation … Continue reading Top Triggering Images ⚠️

Why I identify with Sliding Doors

Hands up if you've seen Sliding Doors 🙋‍♀️ My brain works A LOT like sliding doors on a regular basis. In stressful scenarios (or when I feel a bit violent or angry or whatever) I split into different scenarios in my head. Just bear with me for a sec cause I know it sounds super … Continue reading Why I identify with Sliding Doors

Flashback to: Diagnosis day…

Everyone is individual; so is the reason that brings a person to the psychiatrist's office. Some people are not there by choice. I, however, was very much there by choice. What brought me there? My reason ... December 2017... which I only partly remember. My best friend came to visit with her partner. I've known … Continue reading Flashback to: Diagnosis day…