Is there a cure for BPD?

When I say I have BPD, people tend to assume I mean bipolar disorder. There isn't a lot of information circulated about BPD, possibly because it occurs in less than 1% of the population. So today I thought I'd answer a few questions - from my perspective with a sprinkle of evidence-based research. Can BPD … Continue reading Is there a cure for BPD?

How estrangement feels

When you're estranged, special events can be a complete cobweb of emotions. An even bigger cobweb than just having BPD on a day-to-day basis (if you can believe)! I have been estranged from several members of my family including a parent for a while now.  Here's a brief insight into my childhood for a snippet … Continue reading How estrangement feels

What is your earliest childhood memory?

"Tell me about your childhood." Standard psychiatrist/psychologist question. It's not easy, though. I'm sure there was Play-Doh and those bake at home Christmas tree decorations that taste gross (yes I know you're not supposed to eat them). I know my dad taught me how to ride a bike - I still have drawings of this! … Continue reading What is your earliest childhood memory?

*Eating disorders awareness week*

I can't pinpoint where it began. My memory jumps from eating pizza, pasta and cheese to feeling really guilty after eating a carrot. Looking back at old diaries I had tracked my weight for years, which is possibly where it began - did that just become too obsessive? Secondary school As a teenager in school, … Continue reading *Eating disorders awareness week*

How do you deal with the pain of others?

My grandad's dog died. He was an old dog, but that doesn't make it any easier. He was my grandad's companion. They spent every hour of every day together and he was everything to my grandad since his wife passed away. I went to visit him to see how he was holding up; he told … Continue reading How do you deal with the pain of others?