BPD and arguments

Having BPD can make arguments so much worse. I write this sitting in the bath (empty bath, fully dressed) crying. As you do. At times like this I wish I was a person who could put points across sensibly and react rationally to emotional situations. Or just situations - to be honest, half the time … Continue reading BPD and arguments

How estrangement feels

When you're estranged, special events can be a complete cobweb of emotions. An even bigger cobweb than just having BPD on a day-to-day basis (if you can believe)! I have been estranged from several members of my family including a parent for a while now.  Here's a brief insight into my childhood for a snippet … Continue reading How estrangement feels

Top Triggering Images ⚠️

Even though I have lived with self harm for over 16 years, the stigma never fails to surprise me. The other day I posted a few examples of BPD Myths on Instagram, including this: And the reactions? Largely positive. Mostly others sharing experiences; it was nice to hear from them and to have open conversation … Continue reading Top Triggering Images ⚠️

Why I identify with Sliding Doors

Hands up if you've seen Sliding Doors 🙋‍♀️ My brain works A LOT like sliding doors on a regular basis. In stressful scenarios (or when I feel a bit violent or angry or whatever) I split into different scenarios in my head. Just bear with me for a sec cause I know it sounds super … Continue reading Why I identify with Sliding Doors

Earworms and memories

You know that moment when you hear a song and, suddenly, you're somewhere else. Earworms Earworms are those catchy songs you just can't get out of your head. Sometimes it's something silly like The Wheels on the Bus. Or it's that new Little Mix song that's constantly on the radio. Most of the time it's … Continue reading Earworms and memories